Livewire Wrestling debuts, live on Saturday, October 23rd in Grovetown, Georgia at the Liberty Park Ballfield!

Live, at 6:30 PM EST, Livewire Wrestling's "Fatality!"

The Livewire Wrestling Championship is on the line! The Boozerweight Classic 2 Tournament winner, Matt Odam challenges the Boozerweight himself, Matt Sells!

The Infinite Man, T.I.M. makes his Livewire Wrestling debut to take on a member of The Ugly Ducklings, the always exciting, Rob Killjoy!

K Holiday takes on ChrisifiX!

Big Game James and JC Walker battle it out in a No Holds Barred Match!

Randy Reno and Scratch Kory Savior celebrate the defeat of Matthew Vaughn!

The Livewire Legacy Match, featuring two competitors who have been part of Livewire Wrestling since Day 1 will meet once again to celebrate the 10th Anniversary!

It's the 10th Anniversary Event! Come on out and help us celebrate!

Livewire October Seating.png